Sunday, March 2, 2008

Elements to Include in Japanese-inspired garden

Our backyard garden is very small...maybe 6 feet by 12 feet and surrounded on three sides by a tall fence, so that only one side gets very much sunlight. Luckily, we love a Zen esthetic, and many Zen-like gardens are in small courtyards, giving us plenty of examples of ways to create beautiful and peaceful gardens.

Things to include in our garden:

decorative rocks
decorative gravel
small trees
moss or moss-like ground cover

From what I've read, the main things to keep in mind are to avoid symmetry and to mimic a scene from nature. According to this aesthetic we should attempt to design things as spirals and avoid putting anything in the very center of the space.

More Japanese-inspired ideas for a small backyard

Japanese-inspired ideas for a small backyard